Category Archives: Red Ivory Lodge

Category Archives: Red Ivory Lodge

Red Ivory Wedding – Brad & Natasha

As wedding photographers we certainly get the opportunity to visit amazing places and meet incredible people. Sometimes people cross your path and without knowing they will have an impact on your life. Brad and Natasha were one of those couples to us. They just have a way about them. Their spirit and energy from the...

Red Ivory Wedding – Mike & Hayley

It’s always a treat heading out to Red Ivory Lodge and this venue most certainly never disappoints. It was beautifully transformed by Eve from Splendid Wedding Company. Proteas, pink and white roses, succulents and those stunning naked bulbs in the reception created such a lovely ambiance. Mike and Hayley are two of the most down to earth...

Red Ivory Wedding – Benjamin & Sumari

Our new season has really been incredible so far and we’ve had the BEST wedding couples. Benjamin and Sumari are really two of the nicest and most kind couples. Since meeting them for their engagement session earlier this year, we knew they would be special and we have absolutely LOVED photographing them and getting to...

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