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Category Archives: Poland

Poland – Hala Targowa Market

If you’re ever in Krakow over a weekend and a lover of antiques, then head to the Hala Targowa market. It is open everyday of the week, but Sundays are the best and get there early. It is incredible and full of locals and not many tourists. There you’ll find so many gems, from antiques,...

Poland – Krakow & Auschwitz

Poland. What an amazing country. Awesome People – complete strangers would help you in the middle of the night during a rain storm to find your flat, and carry your bags. On a different day we took the train to Krakow, our coach consisted of an Englishman, that lives in Poland , he has a very...

Poland – Warsaw

We always do this. We buy tickets to see a band, in a country that seem appealing to us. Only to figure out the logistics of the trip afterwards. This year we bought tickets to see Sigur Rós in Warsaw. We love Sigur Rós. There is always a vinyl playing in the house or a CD...

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