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Beautiful (and almost too perfect) Singapore

Ubud Instagram_0018A colourful, clean and safe city with it’s diverse cultures, religions and inviting aromas of street food, certainly makes one hungry for more. Singapore will definitely be seeing us again!!!

A few images from our few days in Singapore, mainly China Town.

Ubud Instagram_0019Ubud Instagram_0020Ubud Instagram_0021Ubud Instagram_0022Ubud Instagram_0023Ubud Instagram_0024Ubud Instagram_0025Ubud Instagram_0026Ubud Instagram_0027Ubud Instagram_0028Ubud Instagram_0029Ubud Instagram_0030Ubud Instagram_0031Ubud Instagram_0032Ubud Instagram_0033Ubud Instagram_0034Ubud Instagram_0035Ubud Instagram_0036Ubud Instagram_0037Ubud Instagram_0038Ubud Instagram_0039Ubud Instagram_0040Ubud Instagram_0042Ubud Instagram_0043Ubud Instagram_0044

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