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Shepstone Gardens Wedding – Daniel and Kezia

L&J_0073It was fabulous being back at Shepstone Gardens for Daniel and Kezia’s wedding and we are always in awe of the beauty of this venue. There was such a realness of the celebration of love throughout the day as these two beautiful people united their bond and love with such a beautiful ceremony. It was really amazing to witness. It was a cold day, but their day was so magical and incredibly beautiful. From the stunning flowers and decor, the beautiful light and a couple who from our point of view shares such a special love with their friends and family.

Working with the best suppliers made the day even more memorable and magical. This wedding was such a treat to document.

Venue: Shepstone Gardens / Decor & Flowers: Dalton & Bloom / Make-up: Sam Scarborough / Stationery: Chrystalace / Dress: Anna Georgina / Videography: Hauke Digital Productions / Catering: JEM Exclusive Catering & Events / Cake: Kelly Jayne’s / Live Band: The Runaway Train Cult & Rocketeers / Draping: Draping Worx / DJ: Blast

Here’s our favourites from their day.

L&J_0011 L&J_0012 L&J_0013 L&J_0014 L&J_0015 L&J_0016 L&J_0017 L&J_0018 L&J_0019 L&J_0020 L&J_0021 L&J_0022 L&J_0023

L&J_0127 L&J_0024 L&J_0025 L&J_0026 L&J_0027 L&J_0028 L&J_0029 L&J_0030 L&J_0031 L&J_0032 L&J_0033 L&J_0034 L&J_0035 L&J_0036 L&J_0037 L&J_0038 L&J_0039 L&J_0040 L&J_0041 L&J_0042 L&J_0043 L&J_0044 L&J_0045 L&J_0046 L&J_0047 L&J_0048 L&J_0049 L&J_0050 L&J_0051 L&J_0052 L&J_0053 L&J_0054 L&J_0055 L&J_0056 L&J_0057 L&J_0058 L&J_0059 L&J_0060 L&J_0061 L&J_0062 L&J_0063 L&J_0064 L&J_0065 L&J_0066 L&J_0067 L&J_0068 L&J_0069 L&J_0070 L&J_0071 L&J_0072 L&J_0073 L&J_0074 L&J_0075 L&J_0076 L&J_0077 L&J_0078 L&J_0079 L&J_0080 L&J_0081 L&J_0082 L&J_0083 L&J_0084 L&J_0085 L&J_0086 L&J_0087 L&J_0088 L&J_0089 L&J_0090 L&J_0091 L&J_0092 L&J_0093 L&J_0094 L&J_0095 L&J_0096 L&J_0097 L&J_0098 L&J_0099 L&J_0100 L&J_0101 L&J_0102 L&J_0103 L&J_0104 L&J_0105 L&J_0106 L&J_0107 L&J_0108 L&J_0109 L&J_0110 L&J_0111 L&J_0112 L&J_0113 L&J_0114 L&J_0115 L&J_0116 L&J_0117 L&J_0118

L&J_0119 L&J_0120 L&J_0121 L&J_0122 L&J_0123 L&J_0124


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