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A tribute to Shaun-Cody….and about making memories

When I read a Facebook post of one of my very dear clients yesterday, saying how her beautiful boxer dog, Shaun-Cody had passed away, I was incredibly saddened by the news. I have pets of my own and have also lost pets over the years and it really is like loosing a family member. I mean, they become such an integral part of our lives. I know our Nixon and Max are like our children. Not only bring they joy and happiness into our lives, but they also make us realise on a daily basis about what caring and loyalty means.

All of this again made me realise the important job that we as photographers have. Yes, we all take pretty pictures, selfies, instagram photos of our food etc etc, but when you hear about a loved one lost, it really makes you realise the importance of photographs.  Having a photograph of that person or pet will help you to treasure someone forever, it will remind of you of that moment, how you felt and will instantly take you back to that moment in time. I think back at the shoot I did with Chicago a few years ago. It was a tough one and I know her mommy, Lisa, will agree. For some reason we just couldn’t get Chicago to smile and react, but as soon as we brought Shaun-Cody into the room, this little girl was all smiles. This dog, without being able to speak words, were able to make this little girl smile, her eyes lit up, they connected. Without going on an on, what I pretty much want to say is, take pictures.  I know I’m so guilty as well, as I’ve been planning a family session with my loved one’s for ages and there’s always too many excuses. I’m too busy, I want to loose weight first etc etc. But, I’m taking my own advice now. The timing will never be perfect, so go and make memories with your loved ones…(and your furry family members)…they are your treasures.


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