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Portrait Session – Anicke

Portrait Session - Jack & Jane - Anicke_0001

When Anicke and I started to chat about her session, I could immediately sense that she is no ordinary woman. She is the owner of The Empty Canvas Experience and even though I still don’t fully understand exactly what she does, she is one of the most down to earth, soulful people I’ve met. She is an artist, a business woman, photographer, performing artist…and the list goes on and on.

In her words this is what she does:

“I believe that experience is the sum of our senses. Sights that inspire the imagination, sounds that captivate the soul, flavours that tickle the mind, textures full of feeling, aromas that take us on a journey. Creating unforgettable, engaging and truly unique experiences. I set forth a challenge: to dazzle the senses with sights, sounds, flavours, textures and aromas that create a meaningful experience in the mind of each person you minister to.
This is my life calling – Helping people understand and respond to the message. Ephesians 3 (the Message)”

With this session I really wanted to portray her beauty, her energy, her love for life and just really celebrate her. She is one incredible woman.

What an honour to work with my beautiful friend and make-up artist Liezl Zene from Eve Image, Make-up & Hair and thanks to my friend and fellow photographer, Colette from Colette Marié Photography for being such an amazing assistant.

Portrait Session - Jack & Jane - Anicke_0002Portrait Session - Jack & Jane - Anicke_0003Portrait Session - Jack & Jane - Anicke_0004Portrait Session - Jack & Jane - Anicke_0005Portrait Session - Jack & Jane - Anicke_0006Portrait Session - Jack & Jane - Anicke_0007Portrait Session - Jack & Jane - Anicke_0008Portrait Session - Jack & Jane - Anicke_0009Portrait Session - Jack & Jane - Anicke_0010Portrait Session - Jack & Jane - Anicke_0011Portrait Session - Jack & Jane - Anicke_0012Portrait Session - Jack & Jane - Anicke_0013Portrait Session - Jack & Jane - Anicke_0014Portrait Session - Jack & Jane - Anicke_0015Portrait Session - Jack & Jane - Anicke_0016Portrait Session - Jack & Jane - Anicke_0017Portrait Session - Jack & Jane - Anicke_0018Portrait Session - Jack & Jane - Anicke_0019Portrait Session - Jack & Jane - Anicke_0020Portrait Session - Jack & Jane - Anicke_0021Portrait Session - Jack & Jane - Anicke_0022

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