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Holland Travel – Amsterdam & Rotterdam

a little excerpt from our travel book we’re working on…..

In Central Amsterdam or the RED LIGHT DISTRICT, we started an expedition of …well, “things”….”of stuff”…. I walked  around in a bit of a daze, full of trepidation, interest, ready to see if the picture in my head was anything like the real thing, and with a little bit of the paranoia from the airport still looming, I carried my sense of humour in my mouth and my fear in my back pocket. It came in handy when we entered the red light district through the gay/fetish area…but, being me, I quickly started thinking of reasons why anyone WOULDN’T have a latex onesie and a gimp mask…*split second*….I couldn’t think of any, and wanted one….NEI, ….NEEDED one……but, the sensible (and very silent) part of my brain said “bro,
A) they probably don’t have your size and
B) there are only a few things I hate more than trying on trousers in a shop….and anyone that know me, would know, I hate a lot of things… I couldn’t really imagine trying on that thing.
C)….NO ONE…I mean, NO…….ONE should have to see me try get into a latex onesie that’s a size or two too small, not even me, and after all the shower is too small to cry in later that night….so we marched on, onesieless

1-Amsterdam & Rotterdam2-Amsterdam & Rotterdam3-Amsterdam & Rotterdam4-Amsterdam & Rotterdam5-Amsterdam & Rotterdam6-Amsterdam & Rotterdam7-Amsterdam & Rotterdam8-Amsterdam & Rotterdam9-Amsterdam & Rotterdam10-Amsterdam & Rotterdam11-Amsterdam & Rotterdam12-Amsterdam & Rotterdam13-Amsterdam & Rotterdam14-Amsterdam & Rotterdam15-Amsterdam & Rotterdam16-Amsterdam & Rotterdam17-Amsterdam & Rotterdam18-Amsterdam & Rotterdam19-Amsterdam & Rotterdam20-Amsterdam & Rotterdam21-Amsterdam & Rotterdam22-Amsterdam & Rotterdam23-Amsterdam & Rotterdam24-Amsterdam & Rotterdam25-Amsterdam & Rotterdam26-Amsterdam & Rotterdam27-Amsterdam & Rotterdam28-Amsterdam & Rotterdam29-Amsterdam & Rotterdam30-Amsterdam & Rotterdam31-Amsterdam & Rotterdam32-Amsterdam & Rotterdam33-Amsterdam & Rotterdam34-Amsterdam & Rotterdam35-Amsterdam & Rotterdam36-Amsterdam & Rotterdam37-Amsterdam & Rotterdam38-Amsterdam & Rotterdam39-Amsterdam & Rotterdam40-Amsterdam & Rotterdam41-Amsterdam & Rotterdam42-Amsterdam & Rotterdam43-Amsterdam & Rotterdam44-Amsterdam & Rotterdam45-Amsterdam & Rotterdam46-Amsterdam & Rotterdam47-Amsterdam & Rotterdam48-Amsterdam & Rotterdam49-Amsterdam & Rotterdam50-Amsterdam & Rotterdam51-Amsterdam & Rotterdam52-Amsterdam & Rotterdam53-Amsterdam & Rotterdam54-Amsterdam & Rotterdam55-Amsterdam & Rotterdam56-Amsterdam & Rotterdam57-Amsterdam & Rotterdam58-Amsterdam & Rotterdam59-Amsterdam & Rotterdam60-Amsterdam & Rotterdam


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