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London {a personal note}

Well, let’s just say that the start to our London holiday definitely didn’t start smooth sailing. Shooting an event just before leaving for an overseas trip is probably not the best idea. Jaco was my hero on the day we had to leave for London. As I rushed home after my shoot, he speed edited the photos and burned two discs for the client which also had to be delivered before we left. Our plan was to have lunch with the inlaws as we had to leave Nixon with them and then slowly make our way to the airport. Anyways…we ended up rushing through the afternoon traffic, meeting them at international drop off….litterally dropped off Nixon with them and rushed for our check-in. Phew…what an afternoon. Well, we made our flight…all on time.

Arriving in Heathrow was insane, as ofcourse all international flights arrived at the same time and we had to join the 500 pax queue to go through immigration. Then we joined the underground train to London city with another 500+ people on their way to work, changed two trains with two big bags of luggage and finally stopped at Notthinghill gate.
We booked a cute little studio apartment and I’d recommend it to anyone wanting to visit London. The first thing we did was ventured down Portobello Road, and had our first pint at a pub. As we sat down, we realized that JK from Jamiroquai sat right next to us!!!! How cool. Our first celebrity spotting. Notting hill is really cool, it’s got beautiful buildings, all painted in different colours and we could still see the displays left over from the queens jubilee.

There’s Starbucks and Cafe Nero in every high street, shopping galore, too many people, beautiful architecture and street art…it’s wonderful, but an insanely busy city with so much to do and see. Our trip to England was mainly to go see Pearl Jam and have a bit of a break after the hectic wedding season. I of course, also had to give my camera a bit of a holiday, so instead of blabbering through our holiday in London I’ll let you browse through some happy snaps from our trip. (…taken with my iphone).

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